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Meaders Mountain photographs are fabulous (like many of your others, but the spectaculer one is the one of the waterfall amid the brush that is not for sale.What is wonderful, it doesn't have that "slap you in the face" quality of most waterfall photos. Itis intricate, interesting, a bit reserved in its nature and worth viewing for a long time.
And the strange dark cloud picture-amazing... Of course I loved the old bar with the hay . Thank you, Jud for all of them. I just wish I knew more about excellent photography so I could appreciate your work even more.
Madge Noble(non-registered)
You really took me back in time, Jud; I haven't been to Water Valley in years, and thankfully, it still looks the same as I remember it. So many small towns have deteriorated, and it's sad, because they have such an important spot in America's history.
The picture of the woman was intriguing; I'd love to know her story. And I liked the one of the man repainting the name on the store front. It shows that he cares.
But even more; I really liked the selfie you had of you in front of the waterfall; "your self" showed through!
Great photography! I can almost feel and see the whitecaps moving toward me.
You must have taken them at several different times of day or else a storm was moving in.
Alfred Roger Everett (Buddy)(non-registered)
Great photo's cousin! Beautiful scenes-wonderful colors & most of all your desire to share with others-a true gift!
Laurie Hirth(non-registered)
Great photo's Jud! You have a gift for sure!
Hank Lamb(non-registered)
Love your work Jud. Your colors are so vibrant.
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